Planting A Healthy Church


Why the Time is Now

Planting a church is a big task, but it’s one of the best tools to reach people for Jesus. As you meditate on God’s Word through the lens of church planting, we pray you’ll be encouraged, built up, and prepared to step into all God is calling you to.

To fully understand the call God has put on your life and why the time is now to plant a church, let’s look at this graph, which shows the historical estimates of our world’s population.

The chart shows the world population from around the time of Jesus to the year 2500. The yellow highlight represents the time we are living in now. The life of every person reading this Bible Plan intersects with this highlighted area.

The red line is the population of our world. Look at what is happening to the red line inside the time we live. The number of people is growing exponentially right now, which means the need is greater now than any other time in history. God chose you to be alive at this time with the heart to plant a church. Let that sink in!

In today’s scripture, we’ll learn about God’s passion for the “red line.”

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