See Jesus in the Old Testament

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When Adam and Eve sinned, God’s judgment is interrupted by a stunning picture of His grace. God promises that sin will not have the final word. This first reference to the plan of God to save fallen sinners, sometimes referred to as the protoevangelium (the first gospel), declares God’s commitment to His creation. He will not abandon it to destruction but will pursue it in love. His promise is clear—a descendant of the woman will crush the head of the serpent. The heel of this male heir of the first parents will be struck, though the child will emerge victorious by crushing the head of the evil one. The exact nature of the plan is yet to be explained, but the plan is already in place. Jesus, the promised seed of the woman, would leave no doubt as to the fulfillment of this promise. It would appear that Satan had done far more than strike the heel of the Son of God as Jesus hung lifeless on a cross. But God would have the final word. Through Jesus’s victorious resurrection, He would crush the head of Satan—permanently declaring victory over sin and death and fulfilling the promise made at the outset of the Bible.