Do you ever feel like this? Do you ever gear up for your day, or survey the world around you, and think: what’s the point?

The ancient wisdom book Ecclesiastes probably wins the award for Most Likely to Prompt the Reaction: “Wait, this is in the Bible?” It’s confronting and very often bleak.

Knowing and being loved by the Creator of the universe and his Son Jesus, who is the Alpha and the Omega of existence, animates our lives with meaning and purpose. Right? So what happens when it doesn’t feel like that? What happens when we look at life with a jaded eye, and nothing seems truly worthwhile? 

Sometimes – at least when we are mentally healthy – we can find ways to shake ourselves out of this existential funk. But Ecclesiastes offers courage to dwell in that sense of futility, and perhaps to face things about ourselves and about God’s world that we wouldn’t otherwise.

So, brace yourself. We’re diving in.

When do things seem meaningless? What triggers that for you? 

Prayer:  Father God give me courage to see things as they are; and the eyes of faith to see that you are always present. Amen.