Seeing Jesus In The Jewish Feasts

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Passover: The Feast of Salvation  

If ever a people needed to be set free, it was the Israelites, having been enslaved to the Egyptians for many years. In order to set them free, God told the Israelites to overcome the Egyptians with a feast--God never does things we expect!

With the Passover Feast, a perfect lamb was to be killed for each household, right in front of the house, and the lamb’s blood was to be painted on the top and sides of the doorframe. Then they were to roast the lamb, and as a family, sit down and enjoy a feast. Applying the blood of the lamb, not only on the outside (by painting the doorframe) but also on the inside (by eating the feast), set them free.

The Feast of Passover is a gorgeous picture, a rehearsal of who Jesus is. In the New Testament, it says Jesus is our Passover Lamb. Jesus was sacrificed so His blood could set us free from Satan, taking away all our sins, infirmities, and diseases. Jesus gave up His wealth and became poor so you, through His poverty, could have His riches. 

Jesus has a divine plan and destiny for you!