Devotional On The Life Of Moses

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"God always brings you to a place already prepared for you."

We first meet Moses in the Book of Exodus. We are introduced to him in the second chapter of this wonderful book. The book of Exodus forms a foundation of how God teaches us the ways of life here on earth.

Before the birth of Moses, a great revolution took place in his people as well in the rulership of the land. The Israelites went through a time of blessing at first, as the verse above indicates. That then changed drastically. Suddenly, there were taskmasters over the people and sinister plans of the killing of male children were taking place. It is in this scenario that Moses enters.

When we are born we have no choice in the circumstances we are exposed to. Sometimes it is no fault of ours as to why situations are either so difficult or challenging. Some of us have good families that we are born into, but others are not so fortunate.

This actually does not matter at all. Why?

Simply because God is fully in control at all times!

God is the Chief Orchestrator of everything that goes on in our lives. All we must do is submit to His plans and understand our season and time. Then we can rest assured that He will make all things beautiful in His time!

Our upbringing and environments do not matter, our heart and attitudes to life do. So difficulties and problems do not determine the outcome of our lives.

Today let God open your heart and deal with your past and the mind-sets the past has deposited deep within you. Ask the Father to set you free and walk away from your circumstances into a fresh journey with God today and in the future.