Real Hope: Forgiveness Changes

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Who doesn’t want a do-over for some parts of their lives? Take back something that was said or done, change an action, say the soothing words rather than the angry words. We need to apologise to set things right, to seek forgiveness, to change things, to try and reset or start again.

There is no doubt that forgiveness changes things. Paul saw that forgiveness firsthand, as his life was radically changed from persecuting Christians to becoming one and telling people all about Jesus.  He tells us here that Jesus acted to save sinners. 

Jesus’ death on the cross and rising to new life brings forgiveness to us when we seek Him and accept Him. These are words that we can rely on.  

Jesus’ actions mean that we have received mercy – compassion being shown to an offender, an enemy. We were offenders, sinners and against Jesus. Paul tells us that Jesus showed His immense patience as an example so that we would accept Him and receive eternal life.  

Wow, forgiveness changes things. You know what it’s like to receive genuine forgiveness so that a wrong can be made right. What Jesus has done for us is so much more. His forgiveness provides a new life, a new chance, a new way. Jesus’ way leads to a life of purpose and meaning because we have been truly forgiven.

written by DAVID BARKER