Picked For A Purpose Two: Reasons For Seasons

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Rainy Days Are a Misnomer 

Here in Britain, the weather is always changing and is, therefore, a constant talking point. People in warmer climates sometimes pity us for the amount of rain that falls as, indeed, we do ourselves. Rainy days are perceived as a negative. But the fact is, without them, there would be no growth.

As William Blake immortalised in his poem, "Jerusalem," the British Isles are known as being a ‘green and pleasant land’. The changing seasons are a vital element in this respect, just as rainy days are a necessity in order for seeds to grow. Similarly, like the deposits made by the milkman’s horse, there must also be poo. As my father knew, it’s an excellent fertiliser. And though rain may be a pain, and manure be disgusting and smelly, these are crucial to growth.

And so it is with us. We may feel as if our life and persona have been dominated by negatives. We may even believe that any good seed scattered in our lives has been trampled on. But the fact is, in God’s hands these aspects of our lives may be turned to good use.