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Refresh Your Marriage in 31 DaysSample

Refresh Your Marriage in 31 Days

DAY 1 OF 31

"Spark the fire"

When you were newly in love, all you could hear were violins playing in the sky. You even went to a violin concert with her when you would usually play the air guitar at Rolling Stones concerts. And for him you froze your behind off at a hockey tournament, when you would have rather gone for a walk ending at the thermal baths.

These tokens of love are like wood for a fire. If you do not put more wood into the fire, it will go out.

If you feel in your heart that you have stopped loving him/her with your whole heart and being, then it is high time you put more wood into the fire and go where your partner enjoys going. You will be surprised at how quickly those embers will start burning again. A small step in his/her direction is a big step for your marriage.

Put more wood into the fire by accompanying your partner to his/her favourite place.


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Refresh Your Marriage in 31 Days

31 short, smart and cheeky texts want to help you to get your marriage back on track. And to keep the fire burning in your relationship. The authors Susanna and Leo Bigger want to encourage you to try something new and t...


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