Real Hope: The Goodness of God

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How can you know something that surpasses knowledge?

Look again at the last lines of this passage. There are two different kinds of knowledge mentioned here. If we write those two different meanings into the translation, it would go like this: ‘... to know-by-experience the love of Christ which surpasses intellectual-knowledge...’!

When you think about all the amazing things God does for us and you ask, ‘Why would God do that for me?’, so often the answer is simply, ‘Because He loves you!’

But when you go back one step further and ask, ‘But why does He love me?’, our minds are left groping for an answer. King David put it this way in Psalm 139:6 ESV ‘Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is too high, I cannot attain it.’

God has revealed so much of Himself to us in His Word. But He is infinite in all His ways, and there is so much beauty in what goes on in the mind and heart of God that we have not yet seen .

wrtten by JOHN NORTH