Eat This Book

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


The Good Samaritan 

Read: Luke 10:26-37

Process: For most, this is a familiar story. We’ve heard this parable many times, but how many of us have been stopped in our tracks by the question God asks the lawyer in verse 26: “How do you read it?” Interesting question. How do you read the Bible? This lawyer is in the process of testing Jesus, but Jesus stops him and asks him a serious question. I love how God begins to flip this passage to make it personal! He requires the lawyer to participate in the story to define “his neighbor” rather than just reading the words without applying them.

Act: God wants this same outcome for you and me as we read the Bible. As we begin to participate in the text, asking questions and building this relationship, we begin to strengthen our spiritual bodies. We start to develop the idea that we want to become more like Jesus and that we are not so much interested in knowing more about the Bible. I once heard a pastor use the acronym BIBLE to represent Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Are we reading the Bible for information or reading the Bible for transformation and to receive His guidance here on earth? 

Prayer: Father, please guide me as I continue to participate in your Word. Strengthen my relationship with you and help me develop my spiritual body. Help me EAT THIS BOOK! – Amen.