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It's Personal

DAY 1 OF 35

Your best friends, your parents, and your family—of course, they know your name. They’re the closest people in your life! But, what about when someone not in your circle knows your name? Someone you look up to, someone you see as popular, or someone you respect—when those people know who you are and call you by name, it makes you feel seen.  Just like that, you feel important! 

What’s amazing is that with Jesus, you can feel this way all the time.  Just like He knew Zacchaeus, Jesus knows your name. That’s a pretty big deal! He wants a relationship with you because to Him, you are loved, important, and seen. 

Set aside five minutes today to write out how it feels to know that Jesus knows your name.


About this Plan

It's Personal

A middle school devotional designed to complement the teaching series, “It’s Personal” from Orange Students. In this devotion...


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