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Have you ever heard something that bothered you so much it took everything in you to keep your mouth shut? We’ve all been there, faced with an opportunity to make the best comeback ever or to put someone in their place. The hardest parts of those moments are when we know what we want to say is RIGHT! But does that mean we should say it anyway? The apostle Paul says that we should speak the truth—in love. Meaning, we speak not to make a point, make ourselves look better, or cut people down, no matter how right we may be or how much that person deserves it. We watch our tone, our word choice, and our hearts because speaking the truth in love is about more than just saying what’s true. It’s saying what’s true in the most loving way possible. 

Today, pray your way through your interactions with others. When they really get on your nerves, ask God to help you hold your words.

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