Be the Branch: A Guide Through John 15

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Think About It

Most of the world’s religions offer the same formula for success: do the right things in the right way and you’ll be rewarded. But as each devout follower soon learns, the burden of carrying that pressure on our own is just too heavy. Because on our own, we’re never good enough. We can’t produce the right things or be the right person. So if success in our religion is resting on our ability to accomplish it, we’re all going to fail.

But then there’s Jesus. And He offers the opposite solution. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” Every measure of success in our whole faith rests in this promise. Jesus is the source. He produces the fruit. Everything good comes through Him. Our only job is to stay connected so His life-giving Spirit can work through us. 

If you’ve been running yourself ragged trying to be the ideal Christian, using your own strength and energy to be good enough, find comfort in Jesus’ instructions. Remain in Him, and let Him produce the fruit in your life!

Live It Out

  • What are you trying to accomplish in your own strength? Is the fruit of that effort authentic and lasting? What fruit have you seen Christ produce through you? Is it different?

  • Do you resist the idea that apart from Jesus you can do nothing? What might happen if you accepted that idea as truth? Do you feel set free, or do you panic at the loss of control? Consider why that might be.

  • How can you connect to the true vine, Jesus Christ? Whether it’s through journaling, worship, meditating on His Word, or other methods, find a way to genuinely connect with your Lord today!