Life In 6 Words

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GOD created us to be with Him. 

Do you ever look at the mountains or the ocean or the stars or human anatomy and marvel at the complexity of it all?  Have you ever had a moment where you’ve felt this deep longing for companionship within your own soul? Today’s word addresses the answer and author of all that! 

God. The first of our six words, because God is at the center of everything. And get this: God not only initiated creation, He initiated a relationship with us, as well! 

The immense, all-powerful God of the universe is also personal and relational, and He formed us humans as the “one thing in creation that was made with His imagery.”  He designed us uniquely “in His image” with an inner soul built for an “infinite intimate” relationship with Him. 

Maybe you’re familiar with the story about the first man and woman, Adam and Eve.  This story contains some interesting insights about God’s original design for us humans- insights that ring true deep in our souls.  It describes us as: 

  • Created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26) 

  • Created with purpose and mission (Genesis 2:15) 

  • Created for relationship (Genesis 3:8) 

God created humans in His image with purpose and mission, to connect with Him on the deepest, most intimate level.  He created us to be in perfect relationship with Him, with each other and with His creation.  His perfect plan was that there would be no suffering, no sin, no shame- nothing to come between us and Him (or between us and others).  We were made to love Him, worship Him and enjoy Him forever.