7 Signs of Walking in the Holy Spirit


All Christians have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, but not all Christians have intimacy with Him. There is a difference between a relationship and intimacy. We have a relationship with friends and family but intimacy only with our spouse. A relationship with the Holy Spirit comes through salvation. However, intimacy only comes through the surrender of our lives to the Holy Spirit. 

The Bible in 1 Samuel, chapter 11, describes the first victory the recently anointed King Saul won. It shows how bold Saul was when he had the anointing of the Holy Spirit on him. An Israelite city was under attack and sent word to the other Israelite cities asking for help. Saul was filled with the Holy Spirit, and in zealous anger cut his oxen into pieces and said that any Israelite who did not fight with him would likewise have their oxen cut up. The fear of God, not the fear of Saul, fell on the people, and they all showed up to fight with one accord.  

Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Saul did not make a covenant with the enemy; but a few years later, after losing the anointing, he agreed to the terms of Goliath the giant. 

At first, when Saul started out as king, he did not rely on himself but totally relied on the Holy Spirit. This was evident that when the Israelites went to proclaim him as their king, they found him hiding among the bags. It’s obvious that Saul felt that he was not much of anything and had to look to God instead of himself or others for his help. 

But as time went on Saul became prideful, relying more and more on himself, and became worried more about what others thought or said about him instead of what God thought and said about him. Because of this, Saul lost his anointing. 

When the anointing of the Spirit was removed from his life, instead of being fearless and attacking the enemy, he became a coward. Instead of fighting the enemy, he started agreeing with the enemy. 

Let’s pray together. 

Holy Spirit, replace the bitterness within me with the sweetness of Your Grace.