Fight for the Faith: A Prayer Journey Thru Jude


Day 18

Jude encourages us to recall the warning of the apostles: “They said to you, ‘In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions’ ” (18). 

This was no mere human prediction; rather, it was the Holy Spirit who revealed this to them—and thus we must take heed. 

Heavenly Father, as I think of my home church, I pray that we all may realize the truth of Jesus’ words: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). Give us discernment to see such “scoffers” and the courage to deal appropriately with them. Cleanse our hearts, cleanse the church, advance the gospel! 

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We would like to thank Dean Ridings, author of Walking and Talking with God: A Simple Way to Pray Every Day, for this reading plan. Prayer is central to the ministry of The Navigators. To learn more, contact us here