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Eyes on the Eternal

I've been thinking a lot about looking towards the eternal and not the temporary because it's when I look to God that everything fits for me. 

It's amazing what God's done. Our company is in a very healthy place today. God brought people to the company that I didn't expect that are here now that weren't there. I feel like we've been taken care of. I have a great relationship with Jeff.

There was a time, after he admitted his fraud and I was forced to fire him, that I didn’t know how we would ever be friends again. But now, through a long season of hard work, it's so easy for Jeff and I to get together and hang out and to actually laugh. 

And that's the work of God. There's no other way to describe it. I can get caught up in the here and now, but when I know that God is working on His schedule, not mine, it's easier to slow down and accept the day-to-day that He has given me.

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas founded Igniter Media in 2003 and plays the role of executive creative director at the company.