Multiplying Your Life



As followers of Jesus Christ, we have the joy of discovering what that relationship with Him means to our personal and professional lives. We are all investing our LIFE, Leadership, Influence, Finances, Expertise in something. What would it take to live your life on mission? This devotional asks stimulating questions for Christian leaders who desire to make a lasting impact.

Leading Starts With Me

Have you ever tried to dance with a partner? Then you know how important it is that only one of you leads. If the roles are not clear the result is not as beautiful, and can lead to crashing bodies and stepped on feet. This picture of a dance can help us understand what the Bible means when it talks about "Walking in the Spirit". As the picture of a dance shows, you need to be close to God, alert to His presence, and willing to not take the lead yourself. 

Following God's lead is one of the first things we can do in learning to “Walk in the Spirit.” We must make sure that nothing comes between us and God to cause our eyes to move away from Him. When we focus on our own desires that displease God, we stop letting Him lead. The Holy Spirit lives inside every follower of Jesus. This means that this leading from God can happen all day and in every part of our life. To make sure that our eyes stay focused on God, we must confess our sin and let God lead us throughout the day. Confession is recognizing the things that do not please God. 

There are many benefits to walking with the Holy Spirit. We experience a closer relationship with Him. We see Him produce in us the "fruit" of the Spirit that Galatians 5:22-23 talks about.… As this fruit becomes more visible in our lives, others will see it in us. Then we will be able to lead our families, churches, communities, and businesses without the pressure of feeling that it all depends on us. We can lead because we are being God's Spirit. A final benefit is when we gather with others who are also looking to the Holy Spirit to lead in their lives. We can be encouraged to embark on Kingdom adventures when we know we are walking in step with each other and with God. 

Life's Dimensions

Think of a circle containing 6 different areas in our lives. Our lives have many different parts. Like the spokes of a wheel, each one is important if our lives are to "turn" effectively. But there must be a hub in the center, which is the spiritual, that connects each of the 6 parts. Take a moment to think what your life would look like if the financial piece was the center hub. Next think about  if the physical, social, mental, professional or emotional parts were placed at the center.

A Spiritual Center

God intends that your relationship with Him take this central position, guiding all the other pieces. The Holy Spirit is important to accomplish what God plans for us in our Christian life. Much of the frustration Christians experience is because they do not understand what the Holy Spirit does in their lives.