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Hiding Sin Vs. Confessing Sin 

Have you ever wondered why churches become divided and people get burned out? It is because of impersonators who claim to know the Light but walk in darkness. The standpoint of believing that we have no sin is pride. One of the hardest things to do today is to convince people, and sometimes ourselves, of sin. We live in a world where people are self-made, successful, and goal-oriented. Pride keeps us from realizing the level and depth of our sin. Like Adam and Eve, we end up using fig leaves to cover our sin and hide from God. 

The first thing Adam and Eve did in the garden after sinning was to hide from God. They tried to cover their shame with fig leaves. We do the same when we say, “I am a decent person, I am better than so and so.” We compare ourselves with others and their sins.

John clarifies that this is how we deceive ourselves daily. If we do not come to the realization that we are all sinners in need of a Savior, then we will never bow our knee to a God who can save us. We might end up thinking that we can save ourselves. How do we do this? We pursue everything in life to cover that need––we strive to have a perfect family, husband or wife, we accumulate things or even good works! For that reason, we crave followers, money, and a good reputation. We cover our sin, trying to look good

However, Jesus says God alone is good! (Mark 10:18) The way to pursue the Light is not perfection but direction. And the way to God the Father is Jesus. We have access to the throne of God through Jesus when we confess our sins. Confession means surrender; it acknowledges our condition and position before God. Once we confess, we find love, healing, freedom, and with God, everything else. 

The question we should be asking ourselves today is, “What does my fig leaf look like?” Does it look like money, a better house, a nicer car, more followers, a Ph.D., success? Fig leaves will never cover our sin. I pray that today, God will expose what you have been trying to hide so that you will no longer deceive yourself. Instead, find forgiveness, freedom, love, and purpose in the arms of the Father. Confess and move towards the Light!

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