Awed By Christ’s Resurrection: 6 Days Of Decrease

Awed By Christ’s Resurrection: 6 Days Of Decrease

DAY 2 OF 6

Increasing Others’ View of God

Decrease is a spiritual necessity. John the Baptist was the first among Jesus’ followers to grasp its counter-cultural power. John’s understanding of “less is more” was spiritually profound. Gabriel had announced John’s life-calling to Zechariah before John was even conceived: John was the one who, “in the spirit and power of Elijah . . . [would] make ready a people prepared for the Lord” (Luke 1:17).

In many ways, John lived a Lenten lifestyle 365 days a year. His diet was narrow, his possessions were minimal, and his focus was eternal. But decrease for John was less about assets and more about attention. His longing was to draw his generation’s attention and allegiance to the Messiah. From John’s perspective, the true value of people seeing him was that people would then be positioned to see through him and gaze at Jesus. By willingly decreasing, John increased others’ view of the Savior.

Attention is not innately evil. It becomes evil when used as a self-serving end instead of a God-serving means. Those who steward attention as means and not end stand tall and serve strong, knowing that all gifts come from God and can therefore draw attention to God.

John decreased so others could see the Lamb. John decreased so others could follow the One who preceded and surpassed him (John 1:30). John decreased so that the Messiah would be revealed in John’s lifetime. May our decrease likewise increase our generation’s view of Jesus. 

Today’s Fast: Collecting Praise
The key to this fast is redirection, not deflection. Whereas deflection discounts and rejects praise, redirection stewards and then deposits praise at the feet of the One to whom it is due. Sincerely receive any affirmation today without apology and then tonight, offer Jesus a bouquet of praise. If at day’s end you find your intended bouquet sparse, fill it in with gratitude for God’s work in your life. .

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Awed By Christ’s Resurrection: 6 Days Of Decrease

Drawn from 40 Days of Decrease, this devotional emphasizes a different type of fast for Lent, Easter, or to unclutter you heart any time of the year. What if you fasted collecting praise in order to amplify your generati...

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