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One brief moment. One seemingly small shift. Sometimes that’s all it takes to start a chain reaction that completely changes everything. That can be for good – like the moment someone gives their life to Jesus and their life (and eternity) is changed for the better. Or it can be for bad – like when someone loses their cool with their coach, gets kicked off the team, gives up on their sport, and turns to a life of crime…okay, that might sound a little extreme but sometimes the worst outcomes can start with something seemingly insignificant. 

So, how does the average life get offside? What happens that makes a person go from a bright and hopeful future to a dark and depressing place they never thought possible? Well, the specifics are different for each person, but underneath it all is a life lived for ourselves. It’s selfishness…self-centeredness…doing what we want when we want without regard for if it’s the right thing to do or what God might think of it. I’m not saying that someone who tries to follow God never experiences problems, but the kind of life-altering messed up stuff we’re talking about here always comes from someone’s selfish decisions (even if someone else made a decision that affected your life in huge ways…it was still their selfish decision). 

So, as we begin this plan, I want you to read these couple of passages, and spend a little time trying to get honest with God and with yourself. Are there areas of your life where you aren’t letting God have control? Are there areas where you know you’re living outside of what God wants for you but you just haven’t been willing to turn back to him? If the answer ends up being "yes," then hand that over to God right away…commit to turning back and going his way. Because even if it seems like just a little thing, trust me…you never know just how far something little can take your life offside.

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Our lives can quickly and almost imperceptibly be sent in a direction we never intended. Whether it's our friends, emotions, choices, or simply not paying attention, we all have a tendency to find ourselves offside. This...


We would like to thank Christ's Church of the Valley for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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