21 Days to Connect: Anchoring Your College Life Week 1

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Your college experience will be a life-changing period. The people you meet there will become your friends for life in many cases. They will come to your wedding, laugh and cry with you over the next few years, and make the biggest impact on who you will be when you graduate. So choose wisely where and with whom you spend your time during your college experience. Who will be your companion to lift you up? Who will you connect with that will become one of your closest friends? Chances are they are in your class, in your dorm, or maybe the stranger you eat dinner with in the dining hall today!

Lord, help me keep watch over who I give my time to in these critical days. Guide me to the right kind of friends who will help me grow closer to you. Who will be there should I fall down and who will gently help me back up and stand with me in this journey of faith!”