The Distraction Dilemma


Distracted by Definition 

Oh, my goodness! I have been trying to write this Bible plan for way too long, but I keep getting distracted. Well, today is the day! I am drawing a line in the sand. I will not get up from this darn position until I, at least, start this Bible plan which I so desperately need. Do you get easily distracted too? I am convinced that this is part of the arsenal of the Enemy to keep us from God’s best intentional living. For me, it is a daily battle ground and I remain amazed at just how often I lose the battle to something that distracts me. It is becoming almost laughable at the truth of how distractions can keep me from what is important versus little piddly things that keep me busy. Oh my! I am confident that I am not alone in being often distracted.

To distract is to cause one to have difficulty paying attention to something, to attract away from its original focus or to divert. It is from the Latin word “distrahere” which means to draw away or apart. As a Christian, I prioritize building my relationship with God. As a wife, I prioritize investing in my marriage. Since these are two places where I find solid ground, of course the enemy tries to get me as distracted as possible. 

Have you heard much about the crisis called “distracted living”? This causes us to miss out on much of our life because we generally aren’t paying attention. We are just going from one mindless thing to the next. We are not living INTENTIONALLY. Our attention is torn in so many directions that we really don’t focus on anything. We know that “distractions” certainly can make learning harder, driving more dangerous and life less enjoyable. They can be simply exhausting. They are a natural part of life as people have dealt with distractions forever; but, with growing social media, comparisons and busyness, these interruptions seem to be changing with time and growing in number. As a believer, I hunger to seek His eternal plans for each day but often get distracted by menial things that beckon to get me off-track.


Consider your priorities and consider your distractions. Are you aware of how distracted you may be from the things that really matter to you? How could you prioritize your time better and be less distracted?


Lord, open my eyes to the distractions that keep sidelining my priorities. Help me keep the most important things first and be aware of my distractions in doing so.