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2020 has been a very unexpected year for all of us. It pretty much came in like a wrecking ball, bringing with it a global pandemic, a movement of social justice, an economic downturn, and a major shake up all over the globe. But James chapter one tells us that we are to “consider it pure joy when we face trials of many kinds.” This verse, in context, is not asking us to develop toxic positivity, where we promote happiness only and deny that there is anything bad or traumatic happening. Rather, this verse instructs us to cultivate a deep joy based on the Word of God that perseveres over time. Jesus did not avoid trials, and He was not happy that he was going to the cross for us. But he went knowingly and joyfully, because of his deep confidence in the joy set before him, as promised by God. 


  • Have you been avoiding some negative emotions in this season that are uncomfortable? What is one way that you can allow yourself to feel and experience those emotions safely? 

  • Are you operating in this season out of a place of toxic positivity or out of the pure, deep-rooted, joy that comes from the Word of God? Take inventory today and journal about areas where you may be looking for happiness instead of joy.