Work As Worship: True Success

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Diamonds are so common that they should be close to worthless, but intentional scarcity keeps the price up.

When your leg is in a cast, the freedom to get in and out of a car becomes something you can’t take for granted.

Every day you see that value can be based on the supply of something, your specific circumstances, or even society’s view.

So what about your definition of success?

Take a minute and think about what it must have been like to hear Jesus talk about success, worth, and value.

All you need to do is open the accounts of Jesus’ work on earth. You are immediately struck by the force of the action, passion, and miraculous moments so thrilling they can take your breath away.

The rage of the religious elite when he dared to disregard their customs.

The cultural backlash when Jesus pursued the outcast and the overlooked.

The shock when Jesus upended their view of the world when he asserted that the truly blessed were the merciful, broken-hearted, and peacemakers.

What a direct contradiction to a society which too often keeps score by counting up accomplishments and assigns value based on power, fame, and wealth.

But in God’s economy, these things plummet in value compared to what Paul terms the “surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus, my Lord.”

Today, you have the chance to experience the overwhelming value of the kingdom of heaven. Right in the middle of your ordinary day, you can assign value to the things of God. You can use your time to pray for a sick relative, reach out to a lonely neighbor, or sing a worship song.

When you choose to respond in kindness and not anger, you trust God’s promise over what you’re feeling. In a thousand other ways you can intentionally reflect the character and kingdom of God.

Getting the corner office or having millions of people know your name can never compete with the truth. God not only knows and loves you; he also chooses to abide in and with you for the sake of his glory throughout eternity.

· What is one thing that will shift in your life as you commit to pursuing his definition of success? What will you gain? What will you lose? 

· What is one thing you can do right now to reflect that you choose God’s value system?