Being Intentional In Your Marriage

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Am I Being Intentional In My Marriage? 

Have you seen the married couple that just seems to always be happy and strong? The couple who just seems to know how to be married? It appears to require little to no effort as they finish each other’s thoughts and find ways to serve each other. They not only love each other, but they like each other, too. So, what makes a married couple have this kind of relationship? One vital key is intentionality.

A healthy, strong marriage doesn’t happen by accident and doesn’t just appear because we felt all the tingly feelings when we dated. When a married couple displays intentionality, they are being deliberate in their actions, purposeful in their plans, and voluntarily acting in the best interest of their marriage, not themselves. 

Let’s say you notice a happily married couple and want what they have. You want the depth you see in their relationship. Any couple will tell you that having that takes effort—just ask them. 

  • You see how happy they appear together, but what you don’t see is the conflict they’ve endured and navigated in order to get to a deeper place in their relationship. 

  • You see how thoughtful they are with one another, but what you don’t see is the effort they’ve invested to prioritize each other over every other earthly relationship. 

  • You see how united they are, but what you don’t see is the choices they’ve made to lay down their own plans to make plans that will benefit the marriage.

If you’re thinking that this type of relationship is beyond your reach, it’s time to revise your thoughts. It is possible to have the marriage you’ve always dreamed of. In this Plan, we’ll spend the next four days learning how to connect, support, protect, and love deeply in our marriages. For when we do, the joy, peace, love, and camaraderie we’ll feel toward our spouse will skyrocket. 


Am I intentional in showing my spouse my love for them and devotion to them?

Do I feel that my spouse is intentional in showing his/her love and devotion for me? (Discuss answers with your spouse.)