Bible Explorer for the Young (1 Samuel)


God Listens to Prayers

Psalm 66:19

But God has listened. He has heard my prayer.

There was a woman named Hannah. She had been waiting to have a baby for a very long time. She was getting older. but still didn't get pregnant, so it made her feel terribly sad. One day when Hannah visited the house of God, she cried and prayed to God. In her prayer, she honestly told God how she felt and how much she really longed for a baby. A priest named Eli watched Hannah while she was praying. Before Hannah left, Eli told her that God would grant what she had asked of Him. And YES, God answered her prayer and gave her a son!

Hannah knew and understood that there is great power and blessing in prayer. God is trustworthy. You and I have the privilege of having Someone who is willing to listen to the cry of our hearts. Sometimes God does not answer in the way we expect, but He always answers in the best and greatest way, according to His will. 

What is in your heart today? 

Just pour it out before God as He is so much more than ready to listen. 


Dear God, right now I am coming to You and want to tell You about _____________ (tell Him whatever is in your heart). Thank You for listening to my prayer. Amen.