Adventure Together - A 5-Day Devotional

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Adventure Together Day 1: 

When I first began adventuring with my kids, I really had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have a big plan or a bunch of research to justify what I felt. I just had a longing in my heart to get my little kids outside the four walls of our home, away from the call of chores for me and toys for them. Our schedules weren’t packed with T-ball or classes yet. But still, I knew now was the time to start consciously building connection between us. I knew I needed to be intentional about this from the beginning.

I thought of the things that filled me, and listened. My soul longed for fresh air, nature, and room for my boys to run. As a stay-at-home mom of young kids, I wanted to explore and see new places, even if it just meant heading to the very next town. And I wanted to introduce my kids to the joy of discovery and the delight of wondering what was waiting for us around the bend. More than anything, I wanted to be with my kids in a way that invited connection and memory-making. Recalling my own childhood, I knew a surefire way to build connection was to get away from our everyday world and routine to do something new. One day I decided it was time. I loaded everyone in the minivan, and we headed out in search of our first adventure together.

In the years that followed, adventuring together became a regular part of our life. We adventured on our own or with friends every week and planned our school schedule and other activities around these outings. I know some people find the thought of this overwhelming. I know all that planning and then actually going on so many adventures can feel like too much. But the vast majority of our adventures were easy to take and pretty close to home. Most of the time, they weren’t anything spectacular. They just elevated our day-to-day life a little bit. It wasn’t so much about what we did or where we were but that we made a point of being together, week after week. That’s what made the impact.