The God Who Pursues

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Why Would He Pursue Me?

We’ve all given up on some THING or SOMEONE! You know the deal. You’ve tried to reach them. You’ve called, you’ve texted, you DM’ed them on Insta, and you even drove by to see if they were home. But, they ghosted you, and it’s clear they have no intention of speaking to you.

So, you cut your losses, save your energy, and move on. In some cases, this happens because you disagreed with something they were doing. In other cases, they were influenced by someone else to turn against you because of something you said or believed. Whatever the reason, the relationship, as it stands right now, is done...over...kaput.

Knowing that, what sense does it make for you to keep going after the relationship?

I often ask that question about God. With all of my mistakes and struggles, why would He keep coming after me? And, truth be told, some of the “mistakes” weren’t mistakes at all. They were me being stubborn and deciding that I wasn’t ready yet to stop committing that particular act. Is that just me, or have you found yourself in that specific place?

So, why would God keep coming after me?

In the story of the lost coin, a woman has ten coins and loses one. Jesus’ parable says she lights a lamp, sweeps the floor, and looks carefully until she finds it. Then, upon finding the coin, she jumps for joy and tells all of her friends.

Why would she keep searching for this coin? Why didn’t she say, “Ah, let me just cut my losses and go use the other nine.”

Well, for her, the coin had value. The coin was worth something. They were her coins, and they had meaning.

No matter what happens, no matter how many “mistakes” we make, God doesn’t sit still expecting us to find Him. He pursues us relentlessly, giving us every opportunity to accept a relationship with Him.

God pursues us because we have value, we’re worth it, and we are His.