Justice: A Plan for Kids

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When was the last time you said, “That’s not fair?” When your brother got to watch TV and you didn’t? When your friend’s mom let them stay up late on a school night? Or when you got in trouble for something you didn’t do? Maybe it's none of those, but you have another memory in your head . . .

When I was little, my sister used to slap herself on the arm, and then say, “Ow! Nick, don’t hit me!” Before my parents realized what was happening, I would get in trouble for something I didn’t do! 

Sometimes, life can feel like we have goggles on that help us see when things aren’t fair for us, but that keep others from seeing it. But what if we put on a different pair of goggles . . . one that helped us see things that aren’t fair for other people?


“Look to what is good, not to what is evil. Then you will live… Hate evil and love good. Do what is fair in the courts.”—Amos 5:14–15


The Bible is God’s primary way of telling us about Himself. God cares a whole lot about people being fair to one another because He is a God of fairness. The word the Bible uses for that most often is justice. So, what does this word mean? According to the Bible, it means to make right. The idea is to see things that are wrong, unkind, and unfair, and fix them, make them right and fair.

Now, it’s easy to see when things aren’t fair for us, but not so easy to see when things aren’t fair for others. People who are your neighbors or people we see at the grocery store, at the movie theater, or the gas station . . . even our friends and family members. 

We have to look on purpose to try and see when things aren’t fair for them. You’ve probably heard that Jesus commands us to treat others the way we want them to treat us and to love our neighbors the way we love ourselves. One way we love ourselves is speaking up when our sister sneaks an extra cookie after dinner and we don’t get one! 

What if we loved our family and friends by sticking up for them when they were treated unfairly? What if we even defended people we don't know when they are treated unfairly and hurt by the wrong actions of others? We'd be doing what God wants us to do, what God Himself does!

Do Something

Today, before you go to bed, ask one of your siblings, friends, or your parents this question: “Have I ever done something that wasn’t fair to you?” If they say yes, you can apologize for being unfair and try to be fair next time!


Dear God, thank You for having mercy on me when I mess up. Thank You for caring that everyone is treated equally and with fairness. Help me to be fair to my family and friends, and to love them like You love them! Amen!