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Faith > Fear

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Faith That’s Contagious 

I heard a sermon recently that mentioned we’re all carriers of something. And it goes back to this coronavirus and that was kind of what the whole sermon was based on and the idea of fear versus faith. 

Are we carrying fear, which is going to be contagious to everybody who we’re around and everything we do? Or are we carrying the hope that Jesus promises us and the reason why he came and died for us?

Everyone is carrying something that is highly contagious. What is that? And I think it was just a neat reminder for a small group of us to look back and realize that no matter what we're going through, something is overflowing out of this. Is it good? Is it bad? What are we passing on to those that we come in contact with?

So, right now, we should continue to serve through this and fight to not be selfish so that only "us" are taken care of. I think if we look back on this in another month or six months or whatever it is, and we just went into hibernation and protected ourselves, I think we would all feel really guilty for missing some awesome opportunities to serve and do it wisely. 

There's no reason to be reckless with no concern about getting sick. But I do not want to look up and have missed some huge opportunities to love people and to serve people.

Adam LaRoche

Adam LaRoche is a former Golden Glove-winning first baseman who played 12 seasons for several baseball teams. He now pursues business ventures with E3 Ranch & Co.


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Faith > Fear

Fear can pervade every aspect of the entrepreneurial journey. Fear that the idea won’t work. Fear that the funds won’t come in. Fear that the sales won’t go through. But what’s stronger than fear? What’s something that y...


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