Cleanse & Purify With Dr. Bob

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Taste and See

There is always a sense of excitement when something “new” comes into our lives whether it be a new house, car, or even a new Bible. Each December 31st when the clock strikes midnight to ring in a new year, that feeling of hope and possibility touches each and every one of us.

The Lord also enjoys a fresh start. In Isaiah, He tells us not to remember the former, but rather, He is doing a new thing in us. What new thing do you want Him to do in and through you this year? Many of my practice members share with me their health goals, but often individuals don’t know what steps to take with their resolutions to be healthier.

One of my first suggestions can be found in Genesis 1, where God is creating vegetation and produce that bears seed. The concept of seed is very important because it means the food is coming from a living source, rather than being genetically altered. Sometimes this can change the taste and nutritional value of the produce. Next, I would start each day with pure water and have that be your main beverage throughout the day since it helps to clean you from the inside-out. To view more tips regarding seed-bearing plants and water go here.


This Plan was created to help guide you in the exploration of the Bible. While healthy lifestyle ideas may be presented, we recommend consulting your physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine.