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[Certainty In The Uncertainty] Staying Still In Times Of Crisis Sample

[Certainty In The Uncertainty] Staying Still In Times Of Crisis

DAY 1 OF 5

Deep Truths Discovered In Stillness

When we read Psalm 46, we will find a lot of truths about who God is and what He can do, and the only way to be able to understand them, according to this passage of Scripture, is by being still. Stillness is something that is usually learned—it is cultivated over time.

Nowadays, with many of the things happening around the world, it seems as if stillness has been forced upon us by a crisis. Many of us are not at work like we usually are, or at school like we usually are. We are at home. We do not get to go to church like we are used to, or run errands, go out to eat, go to sporting events, or hang out with friends. There is a certain stillness that is forced upon us by these times of crisis.

Are we making the most of being still? Are we struggling with the idea of staying home and not having a sense of security and certainty of what will happen? Many of us have more time to do things. More free time, and more time for being still. For those of us who have learned to be still before, this is going to be a time where we are going to find the margin we have been looking for, to spend time with God and to grow in this time of stillness. For those of us who do not yet know how to be still, it is going to be a learning process, and we need to be really intentional with how we choose to spend all this free time we now have.

As we navigate through these new times, by being still, we are going to learn new things about God, about who He is, how He loves us, and how He wants to take care of us. We are going to get new revelations: new aspects of God’s character we never knew before.

God wants to reveal Himself to us as our Refuge, our Strength, our Help, as the One who is with us and dwells within us, our Fortress, as the One who is exalted among the nations and in all the earth. There are so many things for us to discover about who God is; often, because of our busy lives and schedules, we lose the opportunity to discover these deep and wonderful truths. 

It is time for us to stop and be still so that we can know God, and trust and praise Him, and make Him Lord of our lives. 


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[Certainty In The Uncertainty] Staying Still In Times Of Crisis

God is going to see us through. Let's be people of prayer. Let’s let God do something great in us and through us. In these days of staying at home, be still, and know that He is God. He will be exalted among the nations....


We would like to thank the Senior Pastor of Houston's First Baptist Church, Gregg Matte and El Centro Network for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: and

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