Help Me, Jesus!


Dear friend of Jesus,

Prayer changes things. It does. It changes the mind of God. There is plenty of biblical evidence for that. Our prayers engage God’s intentions. He is responsive to our requests while still being God. He listens attentively to each of us and considers in an almighty way what he will do to alter difficult circumstances or bolster us so that we can get through them.

Prayer also changes our mind-set. We think about God when we pray to him. We think better about others when we are praying for them. We shrink overwhelming circumstances when we get our minds around them so we can express ourselves to God.

We don’t have to mince words with God or wait until we figure out how to put it to him. Just put it to him spirit to spirit with groans, sighs, tears, fears, and expectations. Prayer is dialogue with God when we remind him of his promises that circle back to strengthen our faith and give us hope.

You can find your own way to pray, but pray strong through tough times. Pray loud when you need to. Pray soft when you want to. Pray often like it’s breathing. Pray in Jesus’ name. He prayed too, and he loves you.

Jason Nelson

I was pouring out my soul to the LORD. . . . I have been praying here out of my great anguish and grief (1 Samuel 1:15,16).