The Way Forward: A Journey Through John 14

Day 4 of 6 • This day’s reading


Think About It

After Jesus explained that He reflected His Father by obeying His commands, Jesus shared that expectation with His disciples. It’s not enough to know Him; obedience is the natural act of love. But Jesus knew that He was leaving, and the disciples needed help. So He asked the Father to send a Helper—the Holy Spirit, who would counsel, guide, and mediate. Just as Jesus’ disciples knew Him and leaned on Him for truth, now they could know and trust His Spirit. Jesus didn’t leave His disciples alone and He has not left you alone.

Because of Jesus, you have the Holy Spirit, who helps you and stays with you. If your desire is to love and obey God, take heart in remembering that He has not asked that from you without providing an Advocate to lead you. You’re not alone. You’re not forgotten. You have not been abandoned. You have access to the very Spirit of God! 

Live It Out

  • Where do you need help when it comes to finding the way forward in this season? 

  • Why do you think God sent the Holy Spirit instead of Jesus physically staying on the earth?

  • How has the Holy Spirit helped or comforted you in your life? 

  • What are some ways you can walk in the Spirit and in obedience today?