More Than a Mommy

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When my daughter was a newborn, I quickly learned how isolating motherhood could be. Even though my newfound period of seclusion with my husband and new baby were invaluable as we learned to gel as a new family, that season taught me just how connected my purpose was to other people

Luke chapter 1, verses 26-45 and 56 chronicles the stories of Elizabeth (mother of the prophet John) and Mary (mother of Jesus) and their individual, miraculous conceptions. The passage I really want us to focus on today is the moment when baby John the Baptist leapt in Elizabeth’s womb the moment Virgin Mary came to visit with Jesus in utero. Talk about healthy, Godly friendships…..the purpose placed within Elizabeth rejoiced from the mere presence of the purpose placed within Mary!

The truth of the matter is that BOTH of these women were pregnant with purpose individually, and because of their own obedience to God’s call on their life, they were able to pour into EACH OTHER. They didn’t have to waste time being ashamed or afraid of their gift because they both experienced God’s goodness for themselves. They were purposed with the task of  creating LEGACY. John led the way for Jesus, and as we know, both men were able to fulfill their own assignments as they walked in accordance to God’s plan.

We have all heard about (and hopefully experienced) the importance of "Mama Tribes", but this incredible example of #MomFriends shows that our village is not just nice to have; it's necessary. As women, we shine brighter when we commune with other Spirit-filled women. When we cheer each other on, when we support each other during valley moments, when we celebrate each other's success as our own....that's when we operate in full purpose. 

As you read and reflect on today's Word, think about your own Mom tribe. Sure, we may be able to do life alone, but we were never meant to.