What Should Be My Financial Priority?

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Pursue Wisdom 

All of us want to live a successful and satisfying life. We all want to pursue our dreams and aspirations. Yet the Bible acknowledges that this world is full of problems and cares. Jesus said that there will be troubles and worries in this world that will try to steal God’s peace and victory from our lives. This is especially true when it comes to money. Often, financial obligations and needs pull us in many different directions, and financial constraints stop us from achieving our goals. As Christians, we ask ourselves what our financial priorities should be while we are living in this material world.

For example, we must save for retirement, pay off debt, help our aging parents, and feed and support our immediate families. As God’s children, we also want to support our local church and give to world missions. How do we do all these things? Often, we do not feel that we are able to take care of all the demands life places on us. What does God’s Word teach us about financial priorities?

First, we need to know that these are normal questions. They do not have easy answers. Everyone’s situation is different. These matters require careful consideration and wisdom. It is okay to seek wisdom in financial decisions. The Word of God encourages us not to navigate the difficult areas of daily living alone. On the contrary, the Bible tells us that when we lack wisdom in any area, we need to ask God for it. God wants us to pursue wisdom. The Word of God also promises that the Father will give us the necessary wisdom freely. 

As the Creator, God is our provider and guide. He is also our good Father. He is our help in any situation, including financial matters. We need to run to Him when we do not know what to do, or when we make a financial mistake. God is a good Father who will forgive us and give us wisdom regarding the financial steps we need to take. All we need to do is ask.