The Neighbourhood

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DAY 1 - The Neighbourhood 

You have more influence in your neighbourhood than you realise.

We all have a neighbourhood in society. Whether you are an architect, accountant, designer, teacher, student, nurse or entrepreneur,  you have a voice that can bring change to your neighbourhood because you are a leader in your neighbourhood.

"Not every leader is a Christian, but every Christian is a leader”. 

We can discount our unique calling because we think we only have a voice if we're holding a microphone. When we live our lives in proximity with those around us, we can truly impact our neighbourhood more than we could ever imagine.

In John 9, we read the provocative story about Jesus healing a man who was born blind. Jesus restored the man's vision and disrupted the neighbourhood. They became shocked this miracle had happened. This man had an encounter with Jesus, and the evidence was so clear that those around him began to ask questions. The original Greek language translates the "Pool of Siloam" where Jesus sent the man to bathe, to mean "Pool of The Sent". Jesus had not only healed this man, but gave him a new purpose - to be sent back to his neighbourhood.

An encounter with Jesus, changes the neighbourhood, making it not just about you, but about those around you. When you catch a new vision, you catch your calling to impact the neighbourhood. 

You're not just in a career, you're now in your calling.


(1) We each have a neighbourhood. It could be the industry you work in, your university, school, or college. What is your neighbourhood?

(2) In verse 9, we read how Jesus healing a blind man disrupted the neighbourhood. Why do you think this miracle caused change in his neighbourhood?



Dear Jesus. I want to make a difference in my neighbourhood, I pray you would open my heart & mind to those you know I can impact & bring change. In Jesus Name. Amen.