You Are a Gift: And Gifts Are Meant to Be Given

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We often read the story of Esther and consider that “for such a time as this” moments are always huge, society-changing, mass deliverance-causing, headline-making times.

But every day the Lord has ordained for us to remain in this world is “such a time” for which we were created. Our gifts, our light, our relationship with Jesus (and with one another), our words, thoughts, and deeds are needed every day.

You are God's gift to the world for such a time as this. How does God want you to give yourself away today?

Jesus Enters Into Our Suffering

My devotional this morning said that Jesus entered into “the pandemic of our brokenness.” Isn’t it true that the brokenness of this world is surely a pandemic that has been carried down for generations?

What if Jesus had maintained social distance from our sin?

The truth is: our sin, our willful disobedience, our transgression of God’s laws, our destruction of the world He called “good,” our daily upheaval of His Shalom… is the ultimate choice to self-isolate, to keep our “cooties” to ourselves, to distance ourselves from our holy God.

“Depart from me Lord, for I am a sinner,” pleaded Simon. He knew that his disease was unworthy of Jesus’s closeness; that he might either taint Him—or be destroyed by Him.

Thankfully, Jesus enters our pandemic of brokenness, reaches through our contagion, risks and even sacrifices Himself for us. By His stripes, we are healed. 


What stripes might we endure so that others might to be healed? Staying at home is unhealthy for some; how might we reach out to them? Going to work is unhealthy for some; how might we minister to them?

In what ways are you self-isolating from God? How might you take steps to be vulnerable enough to let His entrance into your brokenness be what brings healing and restoration to you, your household, and your community?


You are God’s gift to the world for such a time as this.

How does God want you to give yourself away today?