Get Energized: Go Deeper With God

Get Energized: Go Deeper With God

DAY 1 OF 4

Where I Am

I am the beginning, My love. I am your beginning. There is nowhere else you need to look. There is nothing else you need to chase down. I speak to your heart—in whispers, in moments. This moment now, My dear.

This moment now.

And the next one . . . and when you turn away from these printed words, too.

I do not exist on the page, but in your heart—in the moments I give you. Each breath a testament to My life in you. Each sigh and tear and reaching for Me.

I am in the middle.

I am right here, in the middle, child. You are held, and I can’t ever let you go.

It is not about what you do.

You do from life in Me, and you strive in life without Me.

Reaching for Me is not the same as striving to attain something on your own. Reach for Me, and you have Me. Reach for other things—without Me—and these are things you should not attain.

Let Me show you what is for us to do together.

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Get Energized: Go Deeper With God

Does it feel like there’s something missing? Does God’s truth feel like a distant memory? It’s easy for us to feel discouraged when God feels so far away. This plan reminds us of His unconditional love. These are the wor...

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