How Does God See Me?

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God justifies you

Do you ever feel like you struggle with self-esteem or self-confidence? Do you ever find it difficult to love, agape love, yourself as God loves you (Matthew 19:19)? This reading plan is about this topic. I pray it blesses you and helps you to see and love yourself as God Himself does!

“Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies.” Romans 8:33

I so love watching the sunrise. The sky leaves its nocturnal cloak behind and dons itself in light...darkness is engulfed by the light.

Today, the sun of justice is rising on your life, my friend. Christ is liberating you…

  • From the shame of your past,
  • From the words of death that were spoken to you,
  • From the words of condemnation that haunt your thoughts.

Christ liberates you, and His voice is stronger than the voice of the accuser of your soul!

This means that…

  • Shame has no hold on you,
  • Your past is not the authority,
  • You are washed clean, white as snow, purified,
  • God is the One who executes justice!

Don’t let yourself be torn down by accusations, rumors, lies...This morning, while all of creation wakes, the sun of justice is rising on your life.

You are a miracle!