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The Church Has Left the BuildingSample

The Church Has Left the Building

DAY 1 OF 5

“The Church has Left the Building” in this time of social distancing and where many churches around the globe are being prevented from gathering in person, we’re reminded that as believers our impact is not meant to remain within the four walls of the Church. The Church’s impact is rather to reach outside, living an exemplary demonstration of God’s love and His heart for people. In this devotional we will look at the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10; we will seek to hear Jesus’ priorities and translate those priorities to the times in which we find ourselves. We have been customized and created by God to be a catalyst for world change.  God orchestrated our time here on earth for a specific reason and for specific purpose.  If we’re not aware and cautious, the entirety of our lives can be lived without consideration for other people’s experience; their pain, suffering, and restriction felt across generations.  We all have a part to play in bringing Heaven to Earth, particularly in standing for those who are marginalized and oppressed and laboring for justice. We are called to be part of the answers for the issues of our day.  


1.  What are some ways that you can be an answer to a problem you see in our world right now? What gifts and talents have you been given that will contribute to making a change for good in today’s climate? 

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The Church Has Left the Building

Join Hillsong East Coast’s online experience and walk through this corresponding five day devotional. This plan is based on D...


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