When People Pray: Prayer Calls Us to Action

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Prayer Leads to Missions

In the early 2000’s, there was a lovely, mature, kind, hilarious, eighteen-year-old young lady named Grace who said goodbye to her parents. She knew the moment that she left would be the last time that she would ever see her mother or father. No one forced her to go, but she made the decision on her own. She traveled nearly halfway across her country to a place that cannot be named or known. 

Why did she go? She went because in a secret place of worship, she had an encounter with a most gracious and loving God. She went because the more she grew in her faith, the more prayerful encounters she experienced, the more she wanted to take what she was learning to tell people who had not heard yet. 

Specifically, Grace left home because in the far away city to which she went there was a secret school, in a secret house, that was a secret church. It would be there where she would spend a focused amount of time learning all that she could so that she would be even more prepared for the city to which she was called.

She learned how to pray, how to listen to God’s voice, how to interact with Him in honor and obedience. She learned how to study the scripture and to teach others to do the same. 

She learned about the mission - the task in front of her would be extremely challenging, but she was undaunted.  

What are you praying about that is too big for you to accomplish on your own?