The King & I: Born for a Time as This

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Empowered and Encouraged

The Holy Spirit guides you, empowers you to be bold in your faith, confronts and counsels you. As Christians we accept the triune deity of God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This quote by A. W. Tozer,“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us” can be translated to say “the more you know, the stronger you are.” Once filled with the Holy Spirit you are authorized to act on behalf of Jesus on earth and represent the Kingdom of God not only by words but also through manifestations of signs and wonders, by organization and by influencing culture. The evidence of the Spirit’s in-dwelling are reflected by your changed mind and behavior and includes a healed heart, renewed mind, discipline, joy, peace and healed relationships. 

This devotional is an excerpt from the book The King & I: Born for a time such as This written by Odell Palacio