Victory Over Sin

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Only Jesus “undoes” death

By Reverend Kenley Mann

A young GI solider during World War II was injured on the battlefield. An Army chaplain came to console him but knew the soldier wouldn’t make it.

The chaplain asked, “Son, is there anything I can do for you?”

“No, sir,” the GI replied. “What I need is someone who can undo some things for me.”

That’s why Jesus came to this world—to “undo some things” for us. Jesus undid our imperfect lives by living his perfect life for us. Jesus undid the punishment of hell by suffering hell on the cross for us. Jesus undid the curse of death and turned it into the crown of life.

The GI did not need bombastic philosophy or flowery rhetoric. These concepts were valued among the Corinthians with their Greek background, but the GI did not need any of that history. He needed Jesus, the only one who can “undo” sin and death.

When Paul considered what he had to offer to the Corinthians, he knew the Greeks were famous for philosophy and rhetoric. So, Paul “did not look upon anything to know” among them “except Jesus Christ and this one crucified.” 

It’s not what but with whom Paul shared and now we share. It’s miraculous. When we share God’s word, we share the person of Christ. We do not need philosophy or fancy words, just the real person of Jesus Christ, “this one crucified” in our place, which is all that the GI needed, and we now need.

Christ is the one whom the chaplain had to share by repeating God’s words, the one whom Paul looked upon to share, and the one we look upon when we hear His words.

Do not feel inadequate in any circle. For when you share His word, you share the person of Christ without any inadequacy as Christ is the only One who “undoes some things,” which are the most urgent things for us.

Prayer: Lord God, your Word has undone the darkness in which I was born. Your Word makes my sin and death “undone.” Remind me that I meet you in your Word. Strengthen me in your Word and encourage me to share you boldly. Amen.