Imperfect People in the Bible

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Nobody’s Perfect 

We’ve probably all heard the phrase “nobody’s perfect” at some point in our lives. Maybe we’ve said it to someone to make them feel better about their mistake, or we tell it to ourselves when we’re in an ongoing unhealthy habit. 

But even though we know it’s true, it’s often difficult for us to extend grace and understanding toward ourselves (and others) when we mess up. When we mess up, we may think we have nothing good left to offer, or that we can’t make a difference in the world anymore.

Fortunately, this just couldn’t be further from the truth. God is not only in the business of forgiving us our sins and making us right with Him because of Jesus’s death on the cross, but He still has plans to use us despite all the not-so-good things we do.

Whether you’ve messed up a little and haven’t suffered intense consequences or have made choices that have left a field of debris behind you, you’re a prime candidate to be a tool in the hand of our good God. He’s absolutely capable of handling everything in the world on His own, yet, in His kindness and sovereignty, He invites us to be a part in the grand, Kingdom-oriented orchestra He’s directing. No matter our abilities or inabilities, our present or our past, our accomplishments or our failures, He just wants us to be with Him and to be used by Him to carry out His plans. 

As we move forward in this Plan, we’ll learn about six individuals from the Bible whom God used despite where they came from, what their capabilities were, or how colossal their mistakes were. Hopefully, after hearing their stories, you’ll be infused with an enormous measure of encouragement so that you, too, can be someone God uses to accomplish His plans on earth. 


Do you tend to show yourself more grace when you make mistakes than you show toward others? Do you see yourself as someone God can use to impact others? Why or why not?