From Blind Leaders to Faithful Servants

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How many of our workplaces are ruled or even crippled by fear? Many of us as workplace leaders have even resorted to employing fear-driven tactics in the name of efficiency and order. Where this is the case, we certainly need to repent. 

Daniel 6 takes place toward the end of Daniel’s life. Darius the Mede is king, and Daniel is tested again because of his continued commitment to praying regularly. It is prayer that gets Daniel into trouble, and prayer that saves him, along with an entire empire

The story of Daniel in the lions’ den is perhaps one of the most well-known stories in the Bible. Daniel is an exceptional employee—one of just three senior administrators working for the Babylonian king, and unlike many in his workplace, he was faultless. Of course, this does not sit well with his colleagues, who plot against him to ensure that he falls out of favour with the king. Knowing that Daniel is a man of prayer, they request that the king throw anyone who prays to any god at all into the lions’ den.

Daniel may have been able to find a way around the law, perhaps praying in secret, but he carries on faithfully as he had always done. Would we be this committed in the face of such a terrible punishment? For Daniel, regular prayer was a non-negotiable part of his expression of faith. Daniel remains unharmed because, as he himself testifies, he was found to be innocent in God’s sight. His wisdom told him that obedience to the Lord was worth more than compromise to the standards of man. 

Darius is amazed that Daniel was rescued from the lions, and Daniel rightly attributes the glory of the situation to the one true God. 

What kind of witnesses are we in our own  workplaces? When was the last time one of our actions caused others to give praise and glory to God?

We will not be able to shine like stars if we are afraid. Let us entrust our souls to the God who shuts the mouths of lions and live only to proclaim His faithfulness and power to a watching and waiting world.