Friendship With God


Day 1 - Friendship with God

After years of the Apostles following Jesus around, listening to Him, learning from Him, He turns to them and calls them friends. There are others throughout scripture that are called friends of God: Moses, Abraham, and Lazarus to name a few. What an epic honor to be called the friend of God! But did you know that you could also be called His friend?  

In John 15, Jesus turns to His disciples and says that those who do the things He commands are His friends. If you’re looking at it through a worldly view, it can be hard to see “obey” and “friendship” in the same sentence and think they describe the same person. BUT…God isn’t really like us, is He?  

He is other-worldly. He thinks different than us. He reasons different than us. He breathed us into existence and sustains us by that same breath. He is the only one who can demand obedience and simultaneously call us friends for doing so. We are invited into being His friend, which means He cares about relationship.  

The next 9 days we will look at different ways we can become a friend of God. Each day there is a question to ponder. 

Today, take just a few minutes and think about how you would describe a good friendship. What are the characteristics of a good friendship?