To Those Losing a Loved One: The Gradual Goodbye

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading


There is no perfect way to do this.

It’s like they’re already gone, but they’re not.

When we want to do more to help, maybe just being there is what they need most. “Just be the daughter/wife/etc.”

Living every moment braced for THE call is exhausting, and alarming every time the phone rings.

There is no way to plan this. It’s tough not knowing what’s coming or when. We will have to cancel and reschedule everything. 

The deepest peace comes from knowing they (and we) have believed and received Jesus as our Savior.

So, it’s okay and necessary to take breaks without feeling guilty. Get away. Try to rest and regroup.

Sometimes we feel pressured to prove our love, and wonder if we should be doing more. Pretty sure they know by now that we love them, and we don’t need to convince onlookers.

Remember that taking care of our own needs during this time is not selfish. It’s vital!

Our loved one will likely be able to hear us even if they can’t respond. Read to them as much as we can from God’s Word to supernaturally comfort them and touch their soul.

Floods of memories will come. Share those we can with them, and cherish the others.