Starting Now: College Is Hard. This Can Help.

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Start Here 

When thinking about where they’re headed in college or in life, most people think about what they will do. Maybe you’ve been asked a thousand times, “What are you going to do after high school?” or “What’s your major?” Most of the time, when people ask, “What’s next?” they’re asking about your future career. That’s not a bad thing. But is it the most important thing? Maybe not. 

While work is important and jobs are necessary, there may be something else you need to consider—something that matters now, tomorrow, and ten years from now, no matter what your career becomes. And that is who you are. What kind of person will you be? What kind of son or daughter? What kind of boyfriend, girlfriend, student, employee, leader, or follower do you want to be? What do you want to be true about you six weeks from now, or six years from now? 

Take a few moments to think about that. 

Pull up the Notes app on your phone and make a list of things you want to be known for or want others to say about you.

That list may be exciting or overwhelming. Either way, there’s good news: It won’t happen today. Okay, maybe that sounds like bad news. What we mean is shaping WHO you are happens over time. It’s rarely about one big decision. More often, becoming who you want to be is about shaping your life one small decision at a time. As you read the Scripture today, note which words stand out to you. Pay attention to areas where you know you can make one small decision toward becoming exactly who you want to be.